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Being a Technically Qualified Management Company, we have developed a lot of Processing Equipments for various Chemical Industries according to their requirement and end uses.
Presently we have registered as a Vendor with M/S. Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited for SS fabrication works and are doing regular SS fabrication works for them apart from our regular fabrications for Chemical Industries.

Bio Diesel from waste veg. oils

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Oils Edible / Non Edible are a mixture of Fatty Acids. Inherent moisture during storage converts Fatty Acids to Free Fatty Acids. The Free Fatty Acids decides the quality of the Oils. For good quality oils, the percentage of Free Fatty Acids should be zero.
In conventional practice the Free Fatty Acids are neutralized by adding caustic which in turn produces soap. The soaps are drained and the oils are washed with hot / cold water to get quality oils.
FABRICHEM (TRICHY) PVT. LTD., process treats these oils with Methanol and Esterifies the Free Fatty Acids to Biodiesel. Good oils are produced free of Fatty Acids thereby avoiding soaps and cumbersome washing of these soaps with water.

The Bio diesel thus produced finds use as fuel for burning and in Diesel Engines to generate power.

The cost of treatment is economical as the product produced in value added.

The left over good oils are treated for Refined Oils.
FABRICHEM (TRICHY) PVT. LTD., will give a demonstration for this process in their Pilot Plant. Clients should bring filtered oil for demonstration. Generally Rice Bran Oil / Palm Oil which will generate good demand contain 25% to 30% Free Fatty Acids.

No wastage of oil happens and the process is environmentally clean.